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About Us

Mapek Machine, which has been continuing its activities from 1992 to 2017 as “Mapek Machinery and Industry Ltd.”, has been carrying out its activities under the name “Mapek Energy Industry and Trade Inc.” since 2017 and with its experience over 29 years and qualified staff, it is providing oil, natural gas, underground gas storage, drilling machine, equipment and pipe materials to geothermal and energy sectors. 


Mapek has been successfully undertaking the Turkey distributorship and representation of producer companies that area leaders in their fields and produce machinery, side equipment and pipe products for geothermal drills and main oil, natural gas, underground gas storage companies of the world. 


Our sales and service staff who are experts in their areas and received technical training in the world and abroad on products of the producer companies for which we are representatives, cover all technical and trade needs for the companies that we serve.